The Company

Over 50 years of experience backed by passion

I focus
The accumulated experience and flexibility of technologically advanced machinery enable the company to meet a wide variety of requirements for wire product supplies from any commodity sector.

Thanks to our Design, Prototyping and Manufacturing departments, Filtex is able to follow the creation of new customized items step by step.

Historical background

Since 1970 looking to the future

We have always invested in finding innovative and original solutions for our products.
We believe thatinnovation increases competitive advantage over competitors through differentiation and a lower chance of being imitated.

Innovative activity represents an ongoing path, which, thanks to the constant efforts of our internal resources, has led us to realize well over 10 patents over the years.


Quality and Certifications

Quality is one of FILTEX‘s strengths, all of which starts as early as the purchase of the certified raw material, and extends with the help of an external testing laboratory, to the food certification of its own processes carried out, thus ensuring continuous control over the products made.