Environmental Responsibility

Circular Economy and Steel: Filtex's Commitment to a Sustainable Future

In the era of innovation and sustainability, Filtex is at the forefront of the steel industry, fully embracing the principles of the circular economy.

We recognize that the future of our planet depends on the choices we make today, which is why steel is not just a material for us; it is a symbol of a commitment to a greener tomorrow.

Filtex's commitment to the environment

our 4 pillars for a sustainable and efficient industry


Our commitment extends beyond production. We work with partners who share our vision of a sustainable future, fostering a circular economy ecosystem where each element is evaluated for its environmental impact and its ability to be recycled or reused.


Efficiency is at the heart of our philosophy. Through the adoption of advanced technologies and optimized manufacturing practices, we aim to minimize waste during our manufacturing process. Each piece of steel is used to its full potential, reducing waste to a minimum.


The resilience of steel makes it ideal for recycling. Our process begins with the selection of high-quality steel also from reuse, which is brought into the production cycle. This reduces the need for virgin raw materials and also ensures that every piece processed is a step toward reducing the carbon footprint.


Filtex is constantly investing in research and development to discover new ways of processing steel that are even more sustainable. We strive to adopt a new industrial model that is wedded to the principles of the circular economy, without ever compromising the quality and durability that characterize our products.